Historian of women and gender, passionate pedagogue, concerned about the methodological and ethical implications of doing history digitally

For over twenty years, I have written about feminist cultural activism.  My largest body of scholarship concerns feminist artists’ involvement in the women’s liberation movement, but I have also published on women’s participation in a wide range of social movements, including peace and woman suffrage.  I try to publish open access as frequently as possible and share that work online. Much of my paywalled work was written in public so drafts of it are available. I also write for a variety of public outlets, including Inside Higher Education, Women and Higher Education, Chronicle of Higher Education. During 2015-2016 I wrote about digital humanities for the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Humanities.

After receiving my doctorate in women’s history from the University of California at Los Angeles, I pursued an alternative academic career for six years, first as the assistant director of the women’s leadership program at Mount St Mary’s College in Los Angeles, where I also taught women’s studies and history, and then as the Director of the Women’s Center at William Paterson University of New Jersey, where I held a joint appointment as an assistant professor of history. I am now an associate professor of history at Rosemont College in Philadelphia where I also teach women’s and gender studies.

I sit on the American Historical Association’s Digital History Working Group and serve as the digital history projects editor for Women and Social Movements.  As a participant in the larger digital humanities community, I frequently consult on digital humanities for small liberal arts colleges, offer workshops on digital pedagogy, and help to develop digital history projects with undergraduates.