Writing in Public is my small contribution to making visible the processes by which history making takes place.  I draft all my work in documents shared with readers for comments and critique.

Writing in public derives from my work on the women’s liberation movement of the 1970s and 1980s. I follow in the footsteps of other women who sought to erode the distinction between public and private to reveal the politics underneath.

Academic writing practices mystify the labor writing takes. The commodification of ideas as currency in academia means that writing is often concealed until publication, leaving the interim versions in the struggle towards a publishable version unseen.  These processes often leave the academic writer isolated. Writing in public counters this.

Writing about writing in public
Writing in Public, University of Venus, Inside Higher Ed, June 16, 2014
#writinginpublic, January 3, 2015, American Historical Association annual meeting

Completed projects 

“Looking For Lyotard, Beyond the Genre of Feminist Manifesto,” Trespassing Journal, special issue Trespassing Genre: Issue 2, Winter 2013(1, 2, published )

‘Performing Prehistory: Would you rather be a goddess or a cyborg? Cheri Gaulke and Anne Gauldin’s ‘Malta Project’ n.paradoxa vol. 33 (January 2014) (  1   2   published paywalled)

Unghosting Apparitional (Lesbian) History, Ada, June 2014.

“Under this name she is fitly described”: A Digital History of Gender in the History of Woman Suffrage, (1, 2, 3)  Women and Social Movements March 2015.